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Beautiful and Beautifully Functional

We have been lucky enough to work with Susan on two building and interior design projects and have been thrilled with her work - both the process and results. Susan combines excellent taste with experience, attention to detail and the ability to effectively manage all the details involved in a project - including closely working with us, the builder, and the architect.


I am always impressed with her ability to find unique pieces that fit our desired look and style at very reasonable prices.  Susan is organized and hardworking and we have just been thrilled with all that she has done to make our home beautiful and beautifully functional.  Not to mention that she was able to work with us remotely throughout our projects as we were 3000 miles away! 

- Nancy Rosenthal, Menlo Park, CA


Mixed Wonderful Antiques with Modern Furnishings

Susan was a life saver; no exaggeration. We presented her with a huge project and with very little time. We had to leave our existing home in Cambridge, MA as though it had burned down, and she helped us furnish a whole house on Cape Cod with four bedrooms, in a matter of just a few months.

Of course all of this was organized in stages. She did an amazing job by prioritizing, setting reachable expectations, and providing us with creative solutions. She achieved the goal of moving into a cozy new home that had both charm and elegance. She found wonderful antiques and mixed them with modern furnishings, all while accommodating several different tastes within our own family. 

We had to get everything from sheets and dishes, to rugs, lamps, furniture, curtains; she even hung artwork. She worked extremely well with contractors and added a lot of crafty touches herself. She is an A-to-Z kind of designer, with a wonderful sense of detail; a true artist. In addition, she handled complicated personalities, and was either extremely accommodating or assertively decisive, whichever the situation called for. 

A year later, we hired her again for a very different project in Boston, and she pivoted into a whole different style of design. She did all this without breaking the bank; Magic, if you ask me. 

- B. Dee, Osterville and Boston, MA

Osterville Dining 1.jpeg

A Clear Understanding of Our Tastes and Preferences

We have worked with Susan over the past several years on the interior design and furnishing of our vacation home in Woods Hole on Cape Cod. Susan was instrumental during the final design and build phase in helping us with interior finishes and material selections, refinements to internal layouts throughout the house, including height elements, cabinetry design and lighting. She also assisted in the selection of furnishings, floor and window treatments and decorative features.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Susan and have been extremely pleased with the
end results. We developed a close working relationship with Susan and consider her a good
family friend. She gained a clear understanding of our tastes and preferences and was able to
pull it all together in combinations that fit beautifully with our tastes as well as the traditional Cape look.
She did a terrific job of sorting through the myriad of alternatives to present us with coherent options that met our needs, saving us tremendous time and stress in the process. She did all of this in a calm way, with a sense of humor always present. Just as importantly, Susan had the conviction and confidence to push back at us when we wandered off track or tried to pursue options that she didn’t think would fit. Susan effectively managed the whole process from layout to selection to delivery and installation, connecting us with the right people and services and spending the time on site to make sure it was all done right.

Susan also has a deep connection and understanding of the Cape and Islands and is able to reflect that in her work. She connected us with several local artists and helped us select artwork and accents that really pulled the whole interior design together to give it a finished and distinctive look. We really melt into a different world when we are back at our home on the Cape, and credit Susan with creating the look and feel in our home that makes that possible.

Overall, we could not be happier with our experience in working with Susan and will continue to draw on her expertise as we make changes and additions to our Cape home. We would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for interior design help.

A & J – Greenwood Village, CO

The Interiors She Created Are Exactly What We Didn’t Even Realize We Had Hoped For

Susan Bielski is a marvel to work with; the magic she weaves leaves a smile on one’s face. There are several ways she accomplished her magic with us: first, she listened carefully to my husband and me about our ideas and asked all the right questions. We did not have an overall vision, yet Susan applied her amazing skills and created something that we love.

She designed the interior of a home we built in Chilmark, MA. It is the go-to happy spot in my mind, because the interiors she created are exactly what we didn’t even realize we had hoped for. Friends and visitors comment on the unique chairs, rugs, curtains, fixtures, colors and textures. She designed furniture that we love and is one-of-a-kind.

Susan successfully adapted her methods to another project for us: she designed and outfitted a loft/ping pong/hang-out space for our kids by creating a funky spin on an ocean/fish theme that is both youthful yet hip (for the cooler teen set).

The other way Susan made magic is that she was an easy, positive person to work with. I genuinely enjoyed our times together. My husband David and I highly recommend Susan as a designer.

-Catha and David Carlson, New York, NY

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